TreeSize Professional Crack + Serial Key 2023 Download

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TreeSize Professional Crack is a very effective and versatile Windows program for managing disk space. Determine which directories take up the most space on your devices so you can retrieve the necessary amount of data. TreeSize Professional displays a wealth of data about the folders or drives you choose, including their size, allocated and wasted space, file count, 3D bar and pie charts, last access date, file owner, and NTFS compression rate.

It also allows you to look for large, transient, and older files. Find the directories using up the most space and delete them to free up space. Seek for clutter and get rid of it. Disk space use may be quickly comprehended by graphical studies. TreeSize Professional License Key is fast and multithreaded and offers an easy-to-use interface reminiscent of Explorer.

TreeSize Professional Crack + Serial Key 2023 Download

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Extensive reports may be printed, and the gathered information can be exported to Microsoft Excel or saved as an HTML, XML, or ASCII file. From the right-click menu of any file system location, you may launch TreeSize Pro. The greatest free Windows performance utilities, optimized for huge hard drives, may be found inside this potent Windows Performance Monitor program.

Treesize Professional Portable Version Download 2023:

Due to its user-friendly design and robust set of tools, TreeSize Professional Full Version has quickly become an industry leader in the field of disk space management. It’s a tried-and-true method for speeding up your computer, whether you’re running a desktop program or a server program, and it’s extensively utilized in the business. There are no restrictions, no annoying add-ons, and no licensing fees for individual usage.

It utilizes the Master File Table (MFT) and is capable of lightning-fast scanning. Scanning processes are performed in a separate thread, so you can expect near real-time feedback while TreeSize Professional Patch does its thing in the background. The program allows you to drag and drop files from the Explorer context menu.

Directory branches may be compressed using NTFS, and the compression rate can be shown with TreeSize Professional Activation Key Free. You can use Startup Tree Size Free as the system administrator to find out how big every directory is, even if you don’t have read/write access to it. Windows security and data privacy are uncompromised throughout this process since the contents of the files are not automatically accessed.

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TreeSize Professional Crack + Serial Key 2023 Download

Main Features Of TreeSize Professional Crack:

  • Simple and Fast Setup
  • TreeSize Professional Keygen onboarding process is simple. Quickly assessing your disk space after downloading and installing the app is possible.
  • User-Friendly Design
  • TreeSize Professional’s UI is simple and straightforward. It’s easy for users with no technical background to find their way around and make use of the different features and customization possibilities.
  • Disk Usage Analysis, Including All Available Space
  • TreeSize Professional’s ability to provide an in-depth examination of your disk space use is one of its most prominent features. It does a full disk scan and then displays information on the file and folder distribution, emphasizing the largest users of disk space.
  • The Technology of Visual Treemaps
  • TreeSize Professional employs Treemap technology to enhance data display. By displaying file and folder sizes and hierarchies in a graphical format, users may make more informed choices about how to allocate disk space.
  • Look at All the Possible Alterations
  • The software’s flexible scanning settings let users zero in on particular folders, filter out unwanted file kinds, and limit the scan to just the most pertinent information.
  • Examine Cloud and Local Drives
  • TreeSize Professional’s capabilities aren’t limited to just your hard disk; it also works with network drives and the cloud. This paves the way for IT staff to keep tabs on data storage needs across the board, whether they reside on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Filtering and searching for files
  • TreeSize Professional makes it easy to search for a certain file or file type. You may search for files by name, extension, date, or size, all of which are supported by the software’s robust search and filtering tools.
  • Automated Scan Schedules with Instant Alerts through Email
  • TreeSize Professional enables users to plan automatic scans to guarantee proactive disk space management. The ability to get scan results through email is a nice bonus that allows you to easily monitor disk space use.
  • Extensive Reports and Exporting Features 10
  • TreeSize Professional may be used to create in-depth reports and graphics that reveal patterns in data storage use. In order to share this information with coworkers or do further analysis, users may export these reports in a number of different formats (PDF, Excel, and HTML).
  • Eleventh, Support for Windows Explorer
  • TreeSize’s functions may be accessed from the context menu of files and folders because of the software’s tight integration with Windows Explorer.
  • Acceptance of Multiple File Formats
  • TreeSize Professional is compatible with a wide range of storage configurations because of its support for many file systems. These include NTFS, FAT, ReFS, and NAS devices.
  • Thirteen. Command-Line and Automated Procedures
  • TreeSize Professional’s automation capabilities and command-line options streamline repetitive processes and allow for easy interaction with other applications or scripts, making it ideal for expert users and IT administrators.
  • Language Compatibility
  • The software’s ability to function in several languages makes it accessible to people all around the world.

What’s New?

  • SharePoint Online now functions correctly when dealing with very lengthy route names.
  • Windows Explorer now uses a numeric or date-based sorting system for columns containing such data, rather than an alphabetical one.
  • The issue that might occur while doing a portable installation is been resolved. (Only the Business Edition)
  • There was a bug that prevented index files with UNC locations from being imported.
  • Previously unavailable, the “More filter types” option in the file search has been restored.
  • Fix a bug that occurred during filter import from a text file.
  • It is possible that an unhandled error will occur if you use the “Last saved” column in your TreeSize file search. The problem has been resolved.
  • There is no longer a preview error when attempting to display a file inside a group that contains a duplicate.
    TreeSize’s trial edition may be upgraded to the full product with the use of a license key. You’ll need access to the Internet for this. The version in our members’ area can be set up even if you don’t have access to the web.
  • The email-sending component has been updated. The new module allows for OAuth2.0 authentication to be used.
  • Now, the application’s complexity level (Simple, Normal, Expert) may also be set using the administration templates. This allows for TreeSize Professional Serial Key to be rolled out to big enterprises with a preconfigured mode for the users.
  • If you press Enter while browsing a directory tree, the corresponding file or folder will open in the system’s default file manager, which is often Windows Explorer.
  • Both the Turkish and Slovak languages have been added to the interface.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 are all compatible.
  • Memory (RAM): Minimum 2 GB, Recommended 4 GB
  • The minimum required hard drive free space is 200 MB.

How To Install?

  1. Follow the link below to download.
  2. The rar. file must be extracted after download.
  3. It is recommended that any previous versions of this program be removed.
  4. To proceed with the installation, please refer to the text. file for more instructions.
  5. Done. We appreciate you checking out our page!


Finally, Treesize Professional Free Download is a flexible program that makes managing disk space quick and simple. Individuals, IT departments, and businesses may all benefit from its in-depth research, graphical treemaps, and seamless interaction with Windows Explorer. TreeSize Professional is a powerful tool for managing and organizing your computer’s storage space and preventing the unnecessary accumulation of files.


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